Our Story

 The creator of this shop goes by the name of Anji, A.K.A The Mother Lotus. She is very passionate about all the products she picks and gives an explanation of why in almost each gift description. She calls herself Lotus because although she's from from Cleveland, Ohio, she blooms with positivity & radiance. Lotus flowers are known to represent the beauty that comes after the struggle as it grows through dirty, groggy mud. With a highly artistic background including painting, modeling, sculpture, creative directing & DJ-ing, she loves the look of quirky, vibrant & elegant items. She wishes to expand the LotusGiftShop brand by adding an array of handpicked party wear for men & women of all ages and more of her original artwork. Thank you for shopping with us and wherever you are in life, we hope you grow through whatever mud life gives you! - The Mother Lotus, Anji.